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Experience Peace of Mind

At True Service, we're your trusted partner in luxury property management. We take care of all your home’s little details with 30 years of expertise, skill, and knowledge. Enjoy peace of mind and more time for the things you love, knowing your home is well-cared for with True Service.

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Easy Peasy Property Management

You don’t have to do everything when it comes to your luxury home,  second home, investment property, or vacation home. True Service is your one-stop shop for luxury property management in Chicago. If you’re a homeowner and want to:  


  • Save time 

  • Stress less about upkeep

  • Take care of the details

  • Maintain or even increase your property value

Other Services


Real Estate Support

Are you preparing for a sale with staging? Need help with clean up, painting, or repairs? We work with realtors to help prepare for new homeowners by offering annual maintenance schedules and custom house manuals.


Concierge Services

Have a unique house management need? We take care of your one-of-a-kind luxury property requests like vehicle maintenance, indoor and outdoor holiday décor, and interior design consulting and purchasing.


Vacation Property Management

Our team is available for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly home inspections with detailed reporting. Keep things running smoothly with our expert care.


Away-from-Home Services

Whether you are on a short-term vacation or spending a season (or two!) somewhere else - you need someone you trust to ensure your property is safe and secure.


Custom House Manual

Detailed and comprehensive list of appliances and systems in a home.  You’ll have everything you need to maintain and elevate your home’s comfort and safety every season.


We’re proud to say most of our clients come from referrals from other happy clients. There’s no bigger compliment than when someone trusts us enough to refer us to their friends or family. 


Working in the luxury home market we do our best to ensure the best possible client experience. This can be very challenging when coordinating with multiple service providers the client already works with. Having Pete and the True Service team a part of these projects makes the entire process seamless! When Pete is part of the project, I know that our clients will have the professionally managed experience they expect.


Pete has been helping us keep our house running for more than 20 years, and we don’t know what we would do without him.


He can diagnose problems and identify areas of concern quickly and accurately. He can then identify cost-effective solutions and bring in the people who can implement those solutions.


Another very important point: We have never seen Pete panic. No matter what the emergency, he has a contagious sense of calm. When he says that everything will be okay, you know that you can believe him.


We trust Pete completely, and we know that finding someone you can trust like that is the most important part of a home maintenance program.


From the moment I reached out to True Service, Pete displayed a genuine passion for helping customers and ensuring their satisfaction. Pete's level of professionalism and expertise was evident from the start. He took the time to understand my needs thoroughly and went above and beyond to tailor his services to meet them. His knowledge and attention to detail were remarkable, allowing him to identify and address even the smallest of concerns.

True Service prides itself on providing top-notch customer care, and Pete exemplifies this commitment perfectly. His friendly and approachable demeanor made it easy to discuss any concerns or issues, and he consistently made me feel valued as a customer. It's rare to find someone who genuinely cares about their clients, but Pete's sincerity shone through in every interaction.


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Our Services


Routine Maintenance

Ensure all the little things are done all year - without the stress. With routine maintenance, you don’t have to worry about the repetitive tasks and admin work for scheduling and following up on every appliance and contractor. Our maintenance services include:

Appliances - Ceiling fans - Chimneys - Christmas trees - Decks

Electrical - Elevators - Exhaust fans - Faucets - Flooring - Flowers

Garages - Generators - Gym and Sports Equipment - Holiday Lights - HVAC Irrigation Systems - Landscaping - Lighting - Outdoor Furniture - Outdoor Kitchens - Plumbing - Pools - Rugs - Saunas - Security Systems - Smart Home Technology - Spas - Sports Courts - Tiling - Vehicles - Water Features - Winter Decor

Open dishwasher with tools laying on the floor


Vendor Management

We work with your existing vendors or our vetted partners to keep your home spruced up and in tip-top shape. Our vendor management services include:


  • Budget review and negotiation

  • Project management

  • Contract negotiation 

  • On-site oversight

  • Scheduling

Several men in construction hats walking up stairs


Renovation & Construction Project Management

As your home consultant, we work with the many people involved in a project. Our involvement with your project provides you with the following:


  • One point of contact. Instead of dealing with different architects, builders, interior designers, etc., we take the hassle of constant communication off your to-do list.

  • Budget and timeline management. We review estimates and communicate regularly with vendors so the project doesn’t exceed the budget or go way beyond your target completion date.

  • Representation. We’re your home’s spokesperson, keeping your best interests and goals in mind through each decision made.

  • Taking care of the details.  Leave the ins and outs to us.


The best part is that you are informed every step of the way!

Construction project manager on the phone

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